Company overview

Winoxer is a young and dynamic Portuguese brand manufacturer of stainless steel bowls for the bread, pastry and pizza industries. We have the know-how, the will to provide the very best bowls and the needed accessories, besides the flexibility to support our clients with tailor-made services.


Production of stainless steel bowls and mixers accessories for the bakery, pastry and food industries and the pizza market in particular.


All of Europe and the food industry in general.


To be a part of great products by supply the very best bowls to the main food industry brands in Europe.


Create the very best bowls and mixer accessories in stainless steel with the highest quality standards of the food European industry.


Improve our products, development technics and mechanical skills to endure and continuous upgrade the industry, pushing further to new limits of performance and quality with state of the art solutions.

From Portugal to the World

We support our clients with tailor-made services.

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